Quorn - Hawker, 24-27 March 2010


There is a bridge, ten kilometers south of Meningie.
It is where the Murray flows into the ocean.

The Coorong is water between two rows of dunes, old and new. Long Point, great vieuws of the Coorong

There is a ferry where lake Albert meets lake Alexandrina. ferry at Narrung
The bridge is not over water though.
The bridge is at a highway, from Australia to Australia.

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Camp Coorong is the name of this bridge.

Camp Coorong bridges cultures.

Between old and new.

Between camp and pub.

Between land care and fire storm.

I am deeply impressed by the Ngarrindjeri, the museum, the stories, the accommodation at Camp Coorong.
Camp Coorong made me feel welcome. I will make definitely come back.

Please join me. Come too.

Come and see.
Come and listen.
Come and learn.
Come to cross the bridge.
entrance museum and office of Camp Coorong www.ngarrindjeri.com

Till next nut,