Arkaroola, 5 March 2014


How far did you travel? This question stuns me, time after time.

It is an example of one dimensional thinking, which does not fit me very well.

As if you can measure success of a holiday by the number of kilometres that you cycled on a recumbent.

100 km is better thann 10. And 1000 km is even better. Cycle 10.000 km and you'll have the journey of your life.

Well, some good news for everybody with a one dimensinonal mind: The flights to Australia must add up to around 20 megameters. And so do the return flights. So that adds up to 40 megameters.

And yes, I did cycle a bit here, but that is irrelevant noise in the scale of things.

No, I do not have a km gauge on my bike.

I am clueless about kilometres and like to remain so.

Well, I do have an idea.

Let us try and cautiously strech the one dimensional thinking into two dimensions: Een kilometre is:
1 kg
1 metre

I can't care about horizontal movement. Down hill is too easy., luga Up hill is the tough bit, especially for a heavy weight like me.

Do not ask: how many kilometres have you travelled, but: how many kilometres have you lifted?

Push bike, me, luggage, swag, food and water add up to a shocking 190 kg.

Cycling uphill really is serious weight lifting.

Adelaide airport is just about at sea level.

Blinman was the highest point, about 600 metres high.

So that is 190 kilo * 600 metre = 114.000 kilometres.

Victor Harbour, Fleurieu Peninsula
Rawnsley Bluff, Wilpena Pound
But... that was not one straight line going up hill.
  • From Adelaide to the Belair National Park is a tough climb.
  • I detoured via het hilly Fleurieu Peninsula.
Bunyeroo Gorge, Flinders Ranges NP
The road to Arkaroola, Vulkathunha NP
All those hills will take up up and down, up and down...

So I climbed to same heights many times.

I do not know how many times exactly. At least 50 times, probably more.

So, a low estimate: 190 kilo * 600 metres * 50 = around 5 million kilometres.

It is a silly 2 dimensional number.

Yet, a 5 million kilometres journey does sound impressive.

Till next nut,
Henk Jan