2. Rapid Application Development (RAD)

The second phase of the project is RAD, Rapid Application Development. This is a fast way of system development at which users are very involved. The RAD phase begins with an analysis of business rules, the procedures, the used data and existing systems.

After 3 to 5 iterations users are content with the design Users and SUMit jointly design the required functionality. Users quickly get a clear picture of the future system through paper prototypes. Their comments and criticism leads to a number of new designs. Users are usually content with version three to five. This iteration enhances the quality of the design in an early stage of the project.

Subsequently SUMit builds the system, module by module, using modern Object Oriented techniques. Users get training on the job, whenever a module is ready. SUMit also builds the interfaces with existing computer systems.

The entire RAD phase last two to three months, maximum.

As soon as all software is ready the final phase begins: Implementation.