Staff Planning System

The road to efficient planning

We are on our way! By the end of September we made a head start in defining the Staff Planning System. From a short list of suppliers the project team selected SUMit to supply us the Staff Planning System.
Published in the staff magazine of SCA Gennep, the Netherlands
Sep/Oct 2005.
Copied with permission of the author:
Mr. Leo van den Braken

SUMit is a small, flexible organisation with lots of experience in tailor made planning solutions.

Now it is up to us to define this system, which is developed and constructed to match our requirements.

We did not select a standard software package, but one that closely matches SCA's specific requirements. Requirements include usability, clarity of system and the wish for decentralised planning, as our factory does not have a central staff planner, but about 40 decentralised planners, resource operators and resource heftruck drivers.

On September 29th we started the first phase of the project, being the paper prototype. In oder to list all of SCA's requirements, SUMit structured them and other demands in a formalised and professional way, taking efficient planning as its core.

The first part of this session was to clearly chart the responsibilities and tasks of the Resource Operators, Machine Coaches, the production planning department and HR. Many of us found this very enlightening. Our resource operators are and will be the driving force of our staff planning.

The second part, which was designing the planning screens was an easier step. Questions showed that SUMit's approach was on the right track. We did make some changes asdirected by the work group.

The final part was about reporting. These reports are important allowing us to monitor our goal which is efficient staff planning. Team members also started this part with enthusiasm and transferred the necessary information.

On the whole it was a successful first session which was supported with input from the work group. The project will be completed in mid-December. I wish everybody lots of success with this project.

Leo van den Braken

SUMit says thank you to...

Key users: Resource Operators Machine Coaches Project Leader
  • Gerrie Kusters
  • Huub Fransen
  • Jac Schonenburg
  • Jack Verhoeven
  • Joep van Boekholt
  • John Peeters
  • Marc Schaeffer
The key users have explained to SUMit their day to day decentral 24 hour planning for the many high-tech machines.

They have tested all designs, from the first rough pencil sketches till the final system, until the design matched the real life situation.

At implementation the key users played a crucial role in training their fellow planners.

  • Cees van Os
  • Martien Evers
Misters van Os and Evers have clarified the complex middle long term planning. Their constructive comments ensured a seamless match between middle long term planning and operational planning.

They have set up the production system for a smooth implementation.

Leo van den Braken

Mister van den Braken is head purchasing at SCA Gennep.

As project leader he implemented the Staff Planning System within deadline and budget.

His flexible, creative mind set was essential for the success of this impossible project.