Curriculum Vitae

Personal record

Name: Kok
First names: Hendrikus Gerhardus Martinus
Address: Zwaluwstraat 80
Postcode 7587 BP
Residence: De Lutte
Country: The Netherlands
Telephone (Fix): +31-541-552441
Telephone (Mobile): +31-6-22357469
Fax: +31-541-552448
Date of birth: 11-11-1939
Place of birth: Losser The Netherlands
Nationality: Dutch

Educational/military background

1952-1959 Gymnasium ß (Carmel-lyceum Oldenzaal)
1959-1962 Military service.
1962-1965 Mathematics for teaching at highschools.
1965-1988 more then 30 courses concerning Computer Science, Marketing, Applied economics, Electronics


  Understanding Conversation Reading Writing
Dutch Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
English Excellent Good Excellent Good
German Excellent Good Excellent Moderate
French Good Moderate Excellent Moderate
Spanish Moderate Limited Good Limited

Professional record/experience

1992-2000 ADMIS (Residence Goor, now De Lutte).
Managing Director of a consultancy bureau.
  • Teacher at the Royal Military Academy of Breda.
  • Work-shop Object Studio at the University of Utrecht.
  • Sales 4 Object Studio-packages and additional training in Portugal (Lisbon)
  • Sales of 2 Object Studio-packages in Holland.
  • Prototyping of modelling and Mapping Tool at the Dutch Agricultural Controlling Institute at Leusden.
  • Auditing of a conversion program based on Object Studio at SVB-Bank Amstelveen.
  • Sales of Object Studio to a High-school at Gent (Belgium).
  • Design and implementation of a hospital system in Enschede based on Object Studio with support of GEBIT Germany (
  • Design and implementation of a financial system controlling a huge worldwide goods flow system (see enclosure, A)
  • Implementation of Euro-currency in an existing Bank-system (See enclosure, B)
  • Consultant of an Canadian System-House concerning sales of GIS-products (
  • Introduction of an advanced Workflow Management System (Internet based) in the Benelux (
  • Maintenance of two IT-Information systems based on Object Studio (
1982-1992 Hollandse Signaal Apparaten (Hengelo)
Project Manager Command/ Control Systems.
  • Definition of policies concerning relisation and marketing of military management information systems (C3I).
  • Acquisition and project definition of different types of C3I-systems worldwide.
  • Set-up and presentation of C3I-courses.
  • Development of an object oriented decision support software development system (EASY later called ENFIN, current Object Studio).
  • Definition and realization of a number of tactical C3I-prototypes based on that development system.
  • First presentation of these prototypes at the military exhibition in Brussels (end 1989 Sheraton Hotel).
  • Sales and implementation of a communication management system based on Object Studio.
  • Presentation of Object Studio at the OS/2 User Group (Rotterdam january 1991).
  • Sales of 5 Object Studio-systems to Philips.
  • Conversion of decision support and geographical classes from EASY to Object Studio.
  • Development of a Forestry Information System ( based on Object Studio.
  • Presentation of Object Studio and the realised system in an international seminar at Prague.
1981-1982 Philips Data Systems (Vienna)
Product Manager Personal Computers
  • Realization of a new 16-bits Personal-Computer
1978-1981 Philips Data Systems (Apeldoorn)
International Software Controller

  • Definition of politics concerning software engeneering and marketing
  • Coordination between the various software departments worldwide.
  • Set-up approach of software investigations.
  • Execution of software investigations (France, Switzerland, Germany).
  • Participation in a Mc-Kinsey team.
1974-1978 Nederlandse Kabelfabrieken (Delft)
Manager EDP-Department.
  • Managing a department of 40 persons (Three sections: Software development, Computer Centre, Data Entry).
1970-1974 Holding Nederlandse Kabel Fabrieken (Rijswijk, (Part of Philips))
Coordinator Application Systems
  • Feasibility studies (Production: Draka Amsterdam, EDP: South-Africa)
  • Planning conversion main-frame applications.
  • Project Manager (Material/ Time/ Capacity Planning System for Philips)
1962-1970 Hollandse Signaal Apparaten (Hengelo)
Programmer/ System-Analyst/ Project-Manager
  • Realization of real-time fire-control systems (Navy, Air Control)
  • Realization of simulation systems.

Own toolsets based on Object Studio


A. Design and implementation of a financial system controlling a huge worldwide goods flow system (C & A Düsseldorf).

Period: February 1997 until February 1998

Experience are gained in this period on fields of many tools and middleware as:

B. Implementation of Euro-currency in an existing Bank-system
(Toyota Credit Bank Cologne Germany)

Period: March 1998 until April 1999

Experience are gained in this period on fields of tools and middleware as: