Monday, 5 July 1999
High soled shoes, shiny track suits, golden watches, gimmicks, leggings with glitters, one hall after the other. "Lots for less" That seems to be the core motto at the "Black market" in Beverwijk, the biggest flea market of Europe.

The merchandise is well suited for the audience. This looks like the meeting point, the social hot spot, of the couch potato. For a moment I think that these people are contracted, actors who overdo their role. No they are not. It's all real. These people are a caricature of themselves, a show well worth watching.

The final halls offer a flee market, selling old glory. 20 years old impulsive purchases get a second chance here. The shine and shimmer is a bit worn out, but the kind of merchandise is actually not different from previous hall. Who on earth would volunteer for a bubbling pile of water with fake fish? It's beyond my level of perception that this junk really gets sold. Well, I probably lack the right haircut, and not enough interest in leggings with phoney pearls.

A third hand 386 tries to run a modern screen saver. This old dog tries its best to do new tricks, but the images pass a bit shaky. It's processing power is not enough for modern gimmicks. This thing was made for 'lean and mean' software. Old chips can't cater for CPU consuming gimmicks.

Computers have become a good deal faster, and cheaper too. But better software is yet to come. Software gets more and more features and gimmicks. It does not serve any purpose, on the contrary. But it sells. Once you get home with this junk, you've already paid the bill. And then just hope for the next release to be better.

The internet gets more and more commercial too, in the most negative way. Free surfing is emerging in exchange for more commercials. "Lots for less", just like the "Black Market". I fear that it will be real value for money. Let's wait and see if software gets just as lousy as commercial television.

Till next week!

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