Monday, 31 May 1999
The Smart car ( is in trouble. Smart Car Sales figures don't meet the targets. The design deviates too much for the average taste. "The car suffers, as it is far too distinctive." Well, it's not so bad to me. It is a rather common Mercedes, a small two seater without the back seat with a trendy design.

"Dangerous, such a short vehicle" grumbles the driver of a big Volvo, Long Smart "'cause at a crash something has to crease and rather a back seat than me". I try to imagine a long Smart. It would be a rather standard space wagon. Cute enough, but there are plenty of other types around.

The Smart drives sit up straight, very conventional. The posture is like the coachman on the ancient carriage. Let's dump that carriage posture overboard. It's my personal conviction that the human body is not suited to sit still ( A multi hour car ride is very tiring.

Guppy, the first twolayerAs an alternative I hereby introduce "the Guppy", the first drop shaped twolayer. In the Guppy I'll lie down on my belly, with my head high above the front wheels. It will give a better overview on the traffic, like the driver of a coach on top of the road, very convenient at narrow turns and parking. Once parked, I'll just have to turn away from the steering wheel and my bed is ready. A car and mini camper. Isn't that smart?

An additional advantage: The feet are free. The fumbling in the dark is over. The Guppy has no pedals for acceleration, clutch or brake. Pulling the wheel towards me accelerates. Pushing it away brakes.

How about safety? No worries there either, forget your fear of crashing back traffic. The drop shape is not just good for the streamline, but also for safety. Back traffic does not have to crease anything but will launch itself into the air. Pile-ups will be a relic of the past.

Is the Smart too distinctive? No, the thing is far not distinctive enough!

Till next week!