Monday, 29 March 1999
The daylight saving time has started in Holland, spring is still young and Easter is on it's way. Big waves of energy float through my body. All women look fantastic. Long live Spring!

It has been months since I saw her. So it's about time for another visit. She is waiting for me and invites me in. "Come" she calls. I enter her room. "Am I the first one today?" "No, another man preceded you. You are the second one today." I take my coat off for a start.

She smiles. The previous customer seems long forgotten. She says "I'll lay you down" and suits the action to the word. My body descends. Timberland Here I am, on my back, surrendered to her good cares. She switches on the lamp, sits nearly behind me and bends forward. Her eyes approach mine. Pretty eyes they are, pleasant to look into. O, how spring it is...

Dexterously she puts on fresh rubber. It's not really necessary. I never experienced anything bloody with her. Well, it's hygienic and good against AIDS. The rubber is a bit tight, but allows sufficient motion. She bends further down. I feel how her body gently presses my head. Spring, o spring, it'll take a while before I leave. She starts with my mouth. I open my lips. Her hands are now quite close to my nose.

A little later I feel how the rubber slides in. The smell of latex strikes me. Why aren't these things odourless? "Hmm, that's good" I hear her mumbling. It's a bit of a strange situation. I just lie down here, while she is busy. She is fast and skilled, with a limited use of accessories. "I'm almost there", she says after just a few minutes and re-erects. She cleans up a bit with a tissue. "I won't let you go with a dirty face" she says with great care. I enjoy her pretty eyes for a moment. Spring forever, is a tune in my head.

She takes her rubber gloves off. I put on my coat and leave the consulting room. At the desk I make a new appointment. Bye bye dentist, till autumn.

Happy Easter and till next week!