Monday, 22 March 1999
The CeBIT software circus ( has started in Hannover, Germany. It gives rise for SUMit to demonstrate some rule management software.

Everybody dozes in the morning I'm travelling by train. It's funny how the scenery slowly changes. The travellers in the train change accordingly. At departure the compartment is full of city commuters. It's still early and everybody just dozes.

Shortly after nine it gets less crowded. The travellers compensate with a more happy mood. After boarding the international train the mood gets quite cheerful. A cheerful holiday mood This train heads for Berlin and it's full of tourists. The steward is German. His correct way of serving is typical for the neighbours of Holland, "decent". When approaching the German border some German passengers enter the compartment. Is it my imagination to recognise them as "typical German"? Anyway, the difference with the Dutch are small. I distinct only when I try to speak German.

A Dutchie in Asia distincts immediately, according to my own experiences. Cultural differences between Asians and Westeners Skin colour is reason number one, a vast unacquaintedness with Asian etiquette is number two. A bit of live and learn quickly made me wiser. Etiquette is easy to learn. A number of examples are from my personal experiences.

A different way of thinking is more difficult to bridge. Cultural differences, really different ways of thinking, are more difficult.

It's an hour to go before I reach my destination. I put a stop to this Nut's Weekly and will do some preparations for the demonstration. The participants are Europeans, a delegation of the International Business School ( from Budapest. With this Western audience the cultural difference won't be a problem.

Till next week!