Different Ways of Thinking

Individual versus collective
Westerners emanate from the individual. From my childhood up I learned to develop my own opinions. Cultural Differences Asians put themselves less on the foreground, they conform themselves to a group. You should address the whole group if you want to convince an Asian.
Western individualism affects the education system.
  • Westerners emphasise on independent thinking. Mathematics are a means to learn logical thinking. Grammar and pronunciation are very important when learning foreign languages. The exact mathematical formulas, spelling and vocabulary are of minor importance. That knowledge is considered 'book knowledge', which can be looked up.
  • Asians concentrate on learning facts. To study is to memorise. Small toddlers first learn ABC, before they learn games like hide-and-seek. Formulas, spelling and vocabulary are important to Asians. Language proficiency is measured in number of learned words. Grammatical imperfections like "You wants more informations?" are less important.
If you end up in Asia as OO consultant, leading programmer, or play therapist, you have to take these differences into account. A direct transfer of a method or way of thinking is difficult. It does not fit the Asian way of thinking to 'transfer a way of thinking'. It's facts, details and techniques that will find fertile ground.