Monday, 10 May 1999
The sun is shining. Am I dreaming or does this look like a summer in Holland? I watch how the sun sets in the company of a foaming blond ( Is there a better way to call it a day?

Flies and wasps are early this year. They disturb the evening. There is no flycatcher around here. Shops have closed already. No worries. Last January the Malaysian New Strait Times ( caught my eye with an article on a home made flycatcher.

Malaysian Fly Catcher A dish with sweet stuff attracts the insects. It is inside a dark can, with some holes on the side. On top is a transparent plastic bag, supported by some twisted wire. The whole thing looks a bit a cook's high hat.

The insects creep in through the holes, attracted by the sweet delicacy. It's a last meal. Once inside, the exit can't be found. The exit looks up, towards the big light, but that appearance is a deception. The plastic bag obstructs the way to freedom. Simple, yet effective. The insects don't take the small holes seriously. Once inside they prove to ignore the holes. It is a deadly example of "who will not keep a penny shall never have many".

The other day I ran into a Quiz to give you Fitts's (.../022DesignedToGiveFitts.html). Those who fathom the answers to that quiz will also understand the success of the Malaysian flycatcher. The combination of a big smell and a small exit. Well, sometimes a GUI Designer looks a lot like the industrial designer of the fly catcher.

You probably got into the SUMit site through a small hole, via a link in a search engine, email or bookmark. Don't panic. This site won't capture you. There are several ways to leave this site. Have you visited the special page with exit holes yet?

Till next week!