Monday, 30 August 1999
An unexpected bleep emerges from the laptop. I just heard several new 7of9 WAVs this evening (www.jerylynn.com), but this sound wasn't one of them.

Beep-Boop, that how it sounds. It's a familiar one and it means power failure. I save my work, praise the battery and switch off the laptop. It is dark. Adu, lampu mati! As a routine I light some candles and walk outside.

Fortunately, all neighbours are in the dark too, so it'll probably be a general problem. There is still light at the pool, and also across the street. So it's a small local problem, I happily conclude. It will be solved soon.

candle I install myself outside, with some extra candlelight and enjoy the stars for a moment. I get a notepad and pen and write a bit for the SUMit website. Isn't it great to do webdesign at candlelight in Gouda (www.visitholland.com/.../gouda.html)? No worries, just wait a while for the power to come back.

Hither and thither I hear neighbours grumbling. Oops, how could I forget. This is Holland where people are used to a comfortable life and grumble easily. My reaction so far was pure routine based, as if I'm still hacking some Java on Sumatera. Over there power failed several times per week. Most people did not even notice it. Well, except for some rare individual like me, with a modern thing that does Beep-Boop all the time.

Back to the fire. The candles are busy burning up fat. A bit primitive, yet effective. Isn't it funny how reliable these ancient methods are?

In the meantime, the neighbours have seized grumbling. They're off to bed I guess. And I? I am finished writing. This Nut's Weekly is finished. Hither and thither the lights are back on. I hadn't even noticed it yet.

Till next week!