One and a half

Monday, 4 October 1999
An hour and a half. That the maximum daily travel time for the average commuter, three quarters each way. ( It's funny that the distance is irrelevant. Some commuters walk a few kilometres, others drive dozens in traffic jam.

Theses: The better the infrastructure the further the commuter travels.

A drastic solution to the daily traffic jam would be: Close the highways during rush hours. The commuter will work closer to home, or relocate closer to work. More commuters will walk or cycle to work. Less cars on the road, each making less kilometres. So, that end the daily traffic jams.

A friendlier alternative is teleworking. For now the electronic highways is no more than a jungle track. But better spend a minute logging in to the electronic jungle track, than an hour an a half in highway traffic jam. To a teleworker the traffic jam news on the radio degrades to irrelevant folklore.

The transition from breakfast to work is a too abrupt. When teleworking the mental buffer between private life and work vaporises. The is no chance for a nice and easy wake up while travelling.

Would working people require minimal travel time? I think so. Some teleworkers have developed an alternative for travelling time. Some go for a walk every morning. Others make a bike ride to wake up. The car driver needs a minimal travel time too. The traffic jams are here to stay.

So, take care in the morning rush hour, as your fellow drivers are just waking up too!

Till next week!