Monday, 11 October 1999
Women's breasts are so beautiful, yet men's beer bellies are so ugly.

Woman's breast There are plenty of artworks around on naked breasts (, yet fine art on beer bellies is quite hard to find ( Apparently such a "multi year investment" does not appeal.

A breast is nice and round, cute and soft, cuddly. But a beer belly does have all those qualities as well. What makes the difference? Beer belly

  • The beautiful roundings? No, on the opposite a rounder belly is uglier than a flatter one.
  • Softness? No again, an easy victory for the belly.
  • Cuddleness? No chance, a beer belly makes the perfect cuddle cushion. No match at all.

And one more no for the size. The big belly would win that comparison easily. There is something magic going on here, a mysterious sex appeal.

What makes the mystery even larger: there are beautiful bulging bellies too. No belly so beautiful like the one of a pregnant woman. (.../400pregnantwoman.htm). A nice round screen with a round button

An e-mail from a pregnant adviser explained it all: The beauty is in the detail, a nipple in stead of a hole. The belly button of Women in advanced stages of pregnancy have a protruding belly button. Such lumpy belly button, makes the difference. If only a beer belly had a nipple. Wow, how wildly attractive it would be.

There is a lesson in this for a GUI Designer like myself: What if screens were soft and round, with a nice round button on top. Would computers provoke less agression (

Till next week!