Monday, 31 January 2000
The winter keeps on getting lighter. The very darkest weeks are over. I do not need and alarm clock in the morning any more. So, I wake up a bit more well rested, good for me.

The days are too short. Twenty four hours is not enough. My bicycle is ready to be repaired, having a flat tyre. I did not get to it the day before. Till after midnight I had been working for Lankelma, a sponsor of the mountaineering club Spiff ( Those small hours were by force, as I had worked before that at a customer site till eight in the evening. So, after a short night's rest it's now morning, and bike is still there. I fix the tyre, work a bit on the evaluation of the Lankelma website ( and hurry, as soon as the sun rises, to a new working day. As early as six I call it a day, as I'm off for a game of billiards with two old friends.

The game of billiards is a point of rest in a rather hectic week. Holland rushes and rushes, till there is no more time for reflection and contemplation. Will the coming century yield any great philosophers? I fear the worst. The rushing scares me.

My billiard skills are at a extremely low level The balls hardly meet. Well, the game is just an excuses. It's a real joy for three creative spirits to meet. The creative ideas are flying about the table.

The conversation arrives at the subject of E-commerce. Most web sites are far to busy with all kinds of animations and blinking commercials. What cyberspace really needs is a point of rest and that goes for busy work weeks too. Christiaan, the most creative mind of this threesome, came up with a brilliant idea. Wouldn't it be great to buy 'an hour of rest'?

Till next week!