Monday, 6 March 2000
During last week's leap day, the computers of the Royal Dutch Meteorological Institute suffered a millennium bug.

That bug even made it to the international news. An early morning mail from an ever so critical Swiss, who thrived on the idea that the Dutch of all people had no weather at all. We've been weatherless for a couple of hours here. But well, the Dutch weather in this of year isn't much anyway.

It's difficult to predict the weather, especially beginning of March. Last Saturday morning I left for Lochem ( for a rememberance. From a Gouda perspective Lochem is at the other side of this tiny country, about two and a half hours of travelling. At the departure the sun shines, although storm and snow were predicted. My confidence in the weather forecasts crippled a bit.

The weather on Saturday 4th March 14:00 It was dry upon arrival, but not for long. The weather ( changed. The forecasted snowstorm started. I had to find some shelter for a moment or two. When the snow eased up a bit I reluctantly resumed my local walk, defending myself a bit with an umbrella against the twirling snowflakes.

It's a bit special to remeet old acquaintances at such an occasion. Fortunately, the weather gods were in a good mood, and kept it dry for a moment, fulfilling the weather forecast afterwards.

On the next leap day in a year dividable by 100 my molars won't hurt any longer. Until that time, my eroded trust in the Dutch weather forecast ( has been restored a bit.

Till next week!

With special thanks to Markus Stirnemann for inspiration, even though he is Swiss.