Monday, 20 March 2000
It has been raining and it's heavily clouded. The mornings starts wet and dull. So I have trouble waking up, and am a bit later than usual.

A bit grumbling I get my bike out of the shed. I am late and should hurry. Will I just make it to the train, or will I just miss it? Yet, I resent the typical Dutch rush. I refuse to rush since I worked in Asia for a while. Let time be made of rubber. It is no disaster to live your life an hour late. Motto: Hate the haste!

The day is 2% complete Sigh, what a slow start of this day. On top of all, the is a car obstructing my path. I steer around it, taking a corner.

It's too much. Gravity works against me. My front wheel slips away. The street comes closer. Obviously, I did not yet complete the course "How to fall smoothly with a bike between your knees". I hit the tiles. My left hand is bleeding, both my shins hurt. Gr, this was not the best of days yet, and now this.

The damage is minor though. All my limbs are functioning. My cloths are just a little bit dirty. I get back on my feet, bend my bike’s mudguard straight and continue my way. Now I'm even more late because of this fall. Will I be able to catch the train. Does it matter?

    There are two possibilities
  1. I catch the train.
    As soon as I'll board the train, the rush will be gone.
  2. I'll be late for the train.
    The rush will be over as well. I'll get myself a cup of coffee and comfortably wait for the next train.
Both possibilities lead to rest. So, yet another proof: There is no reason to rush. Relieved by this confirmation I calmly cycle towards the station.

I do catch the train and install myself comfortably at a window seat. "Why do other people rush?", so I wonder as the station glides away from me.

  • Is it the illusion to have influence?
  • Having control of own life?
  • Making self made deadlines?
  • Get rid of abundant energy?
Unfortunately, the answers to these question are not with me. You'll have to find them at other people. Please drop me a line when you've found an answer, but don't rush it.

I wish to rush less days till next week!

Obituary: Silbersternchen 1927 - 2000