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Monday, 3 July 2000
Ireland is green. It strikes you, even before you arrived. The Aer Lingus logo ( is a green club. The aircraft interior is green. Dublin airport is green. It's a pleasant welcome. The start of my Guinness retreat.

The Irish seem determined to show as little individuality as possible. The main fashion colours are greyish green, mint green, greenish blue, and blueish grey. A sole soul ventures in light pink. To me, as an individual, it hurts, all this blending into the masses.

Nothing wrong with the Irish by the way. Very pleasant folks indeed, relaxed, friendly, and always ready for a pint or two. Take your time when you order a Guinness. It takes a while before such a work of art fully clears up. A Guinness defies gravity, rains upwards until it fully clears up. This is the right hide out for me to retreat.

The sun is shining. just like last year I get sunburned. My red skin fiercely contrasts with the greenish green. The Irish summer is short. A few days later the country cloaks into a greyish haze. The green isles at Loch Corrib ( hide in the damp. The ones nearby are still green, but they get more and more grey towards the horizon. Are those parts of a monster sticking out? The other side of the lake is invisible.

Quite nearby, at Ashford Castle ( some Irish are fishing. The rain seems irrelevant to them. Their greyish green outfit perfectly blends with the surroundings.

Ireland is a colourful country, full of individuals. It just took me some time to distinguish thirty shades of green.

Till next week.