Monday, 6 November 2000

Breda Central Station, Saturday 4 November, 22:47

I've just missed the second last train home. My head is a bit light after several beers and a Palm ( at a birthday party. The platform in Breda is almost deserted. The train has left already. No reason to worry yet, I can still easily make the very last connection. But, first a half an hour break.

A ladies voice asks Is the train yet to arrive? No, it has departed already. The next one is in half an hour.

O dear, I'm destined all the way to Amersfoort she continues. Will I able to make it? Well, I don't know. I'm not a walking train journey planner. Anyway, you will get as far as Gouda, have a look at my own travel plan, but I don't know about going any further.

Yes, and I already spent 50 guilders on a taxi. Because I was in the middle of nowhere. My boyfriend was too drunk to drive, and I've had a few beers myself. Men are terrible. The trouble started with a company outing. Here is was, in the middle of all his coworkers. An to make things worse, he goes off, to talk with the boss' brother. He just left me stuck, amongst all those strangers, and on top of all in the company of somebody that does not interest me at all.

I poke up her anger a bit: Men are asocial beasts She silently looks at me, puzzled. She can't disagree with me, but insulting me by agreeing is not an option either.

So we left the party early. All his colleagues will know now that we have a fight, but that's not my problem. So I got out at a parking lot. As he was too drunk, she says on auto-repeat. His last words were: Get in or I'll drive off. Well, I did not want to get in, and he drove off. O, he can be such a stubborn pig-head? Well, I told him: I'll just see how to get home. I've got plenty of travelling experience, have been around in Asia, in Thailand and Malaysia, so I'll be fine. And obviously he can't bother less, as he fails to call me..

He must have your mobile number, doesn't he? I continue to tease. And... are you going to call him now? She takes her time to digest my teasing, and sees the serious message between the lines of my grinning face. With determination she gets her mobile and phones home. Nobody answers it.

This small drama is getting serious, I think to myself. He's probably bringing the baby sitter home. That's why he doesn't answer the phone she declares relieved/ This piece of woman's logic is far beyond my level of comprehension, so I just shut op.

The train arrives at the platform. The lady boards and I'm off to find a bit of silence after this waterfall of words. To be continued in The Hague Central Station.

Den Haag Central Station, Sunday 5 November, 00:12

The train has arrived, and I've got to wait for half an hour for the last train to Gouda. The lady is not in my sight. I sit down in the Central hall and stare to the display with departure times. It's going to be tough for the lady. There are no more trains to Amersfoort tonight.

Suddenly she passes, exited. I'm going to spend the night at this gentlemen's place she shouts. And it's completely safe, as he's married and is wife is at home. Again, I'm fully flabbergasted by this piece of woman's logic. She disappears into the night and out of my sight. I'm stuck with an open end to the story.

So lady, if you happen to read this, send me an email please, as I'm dying with curiosity to know how this story ended.

Till next week!