24th April 2006


Yippie, my CD player plays music again.

Repair televisions, Videos, CD players

Service Centrum Gouda


Raam 184, 2801VN Gouda

For years that CD player has been gathering dust. The lense was worn out. I did not have the time to get it repaired. Now, I still do not have the time, but it has been posponed long enough. It is OK to play CD's on the laptop for a while, but doing so for years is too much, even for me.

Finding a handy man able to repair is a bit tough.

It seems that CD player repair is not a popular subject in Gouda. The only repair service I can find is the Service Centrum Gouda.

The technician gives me an estimate of the costs. Yes, I do know that this equipment is old, probably beyond 15 years. Economic laws dictate to write this player off, but I kind of like it because: It is able to hold 5 CD's. It means hours of continuous music, to my own taste, a kind of personal radio, while I set back and relax with a Saturday newspaper and a whiskey. The repair is a success. A few days later the CD player has clear vision with a new lense.

John Williamson enters my living room with his Chandelier of Stars.

Now, it is like the Australian outback joined me on my travel back to Holland. The new music of John Williamson shuffles with other artists. Those artists emerged from dust, but sound asif I've heard their sonds only yesterday.

Over the years I have completely forgotten some of the songs. So that music is new to mee too, because it is so old. Not gathered any dust or undusted, they both sound as new to me.

Till next nut,