26th June 2006

Bottle Holder

Summer started, well at least a little bit. Here in Holland the sun occasionally shines so strong it actually gets warm.

Of course the Dutch keep complaining, even when the whether is good. It is too hot. Well, enjoy some tips to survive the heat.

Heat Tips

Some tips from the tropics. All these solutions are based on the same principle: optimal evaporation. Evaporating water takes the heat away. What remains stays cool. An air con is a sweat machine.

Australians keep their beer cool with stubby holders. These are wet, foam cups covering can. Same story again: Water evaporates, beer stays cool.

As alcohol is a bad companion of heat, I stick to water and tea in summer. Hot tea is good in warm wether, but I dislike warm water. A bottle of water better stays cool. If only a bottle could sweat.

Cool water

There are no stubby holders for big bottles. Create your own with a bit of improvisation:
  1. Bind a wet towel around a bottle, using a few rubber bands.
  2. Fill the bottle with water.
  3. Keep the towel wet with a sprayer.
When summer arrives you settle with a big sweating bottle. Enjoy cold water for hours!

Till next nut,