9 January 2007


The gardener's bag has been stolen. The thief was on top of the roof, browsing the bag at leisure. The identity card was of little interest and hit the sky first. The wallet was the most interesting bit. With 400 ringit the thief disappears between the trees towards the jungle. The money has not been found since.

The police takes little action against these criminals, even if a group of them walk the streets in broad daylight. It is impossible to reason with them.

SUMit has opened a branch office at the shaded terrace of the hotel. Taking it comfortably, I work here on the new release of the SUMit roster software. I love to work in isolation, undisturbed in the shade, an open air office with a splendid view for the Lake Gardens and Bukit Larut. Slowly but steadily I work my way through a pile of comments. The Dutch function psychologist Leonard Verhoef has written me a huge pile of recommendations. It is this pile that I am working on.

De cooling bottle holder has reached Malaysia and is within reach. The laptop has electricity. A Chinese hair dresser has cut my warm curly hairs. A nice breeze keeps me cool. In shorts, T shirt and thongs I kind of like it here. The first software release made-in-tropics is online already.

Above my head there is a loud bang. The thieves are back, jumping onto the roof. They walk along my room and look my way in a cheeky way. One climbs a tree to have a better look at my laptop.

O dear, this bunch is coming close now. I hide my phone and radio in my bag and firmly put my foot on it. Well, it must be a clever thief that snatches anything!

My rental bike is safely inside. All my rooms and doors are closed. I do not have too much stuff with me, just the bare necessities. My T shirts are probably of no interest. They are way to large for even the biggest thief of the bunch.

The gang climbs the gate of the restaurant and moves out of my sight. I take a bit of cool water and focus back on the roster software. Just one question keeps running through my mind: What good is 400 ringit to a bunch of monkeys?

Till next nut,