4 June 2008


Trains offer a relaxing environment. Train passengers have little to worry about. Just board the right train and off you go. Outside rush hour trains offer an oasis of rest.

It is just after nine and I wonder. What are all these commuters doing at the platform? Well, some earlier trains got cancelled so now rush hour overflows into leisure time.

Now, this should put the commuters more at ease. Finally they too can enjoy a relaxing journey. Well no. They stress out and indulge in senseless grumbling.

I am taking my recumbent bicycle to the recumbent bicycle center in Brielle. Usually the train offers plenty of space for a bike.

But now, the bike space is occupied by commuters on jump seats. They are now grumbling not only at the wrong time but at the wrong place too!

The jump seaters are not aware of their happiness. Eye brows are raising as I navigate my bike through the commuters. I do not hear additional grumbling yet do see some. Which idiot dares to travel with a bike in rush hour?

I just keep quiet and smile back: It is not the bike that is in rush hour, the rush hour has flown into bike time.

The return journey in the afternoon is way more easy. The commuters are still grumbling, but locked away in their offices.

The bike space is empty, just normal.

Place and time have dropped back to their spot.

Till next nut,