Göteborg - Copenhagen, 24 July 2008


  1. Where are you?
  2. What are you doing?
  3. What are your plans?
  4. Don't you read your e-mail?
Eh, the past couple of weeks I just worked, worked and worked in Stjärnsfors Herrgård. That was a pretty straightforward plan: just work, using the long Swedish summer days to the max as to reach a deadline. My world view during such drum times is limited to work, work, work:
  1. Around 5 the sun shines in its full glory.
    My morning shift starts in a rented office at Stjärnsfors Herrgård.
  2. Around ten the café at Stjärnsfors mill opens.
    Work continues in the sun, with a good fresh coffee.
  3. Around noon the first work shift is done and it is time for a midsummerdaynap.
  4. After lunch the afternoon shift starts, just carry on programming.
  5. When I'm stuck in a complex puzzle, I cycle to the supermarket in Hagfors for groceries.
    The solution bubbles up fast, usually before I round the first corner.
  6. Around six, seven I cook myself dinner.
  7. After dinner my late shift starts till dawn falls.
  8. Around 11 my evening shift ends.
  9. I fail to see sunset at midnight as I am sound asleep already.

the long and winding ride home

When work is done, my daily routine changes. I leave the fixed work location behind me.

The journey back to the Netherlands starts, a tough cycling tour from Hagfors to the train in Göteborg.

When cycling I do not know where I am exactly. And I do not need to. Yes, I do have a map, but that is only for difficult territory. The compass way up front leads the way south, in concert with the green signs of Sverigeleden (by Svenska Cykelsallskapet).

It feels like unlimited freedom to just cycle through forests, no obligations, no list of to do's. SUMit's Shift Roster Software is just far out of my mind.

The location is subject to continuous change, yet the days to have fixed rhythm:
  1. Early morning at 5 the sun awakes me.
  2. I doze for an hour, pack my luggage, hit for an early breakfast and check out.
  3. The routine for the day is just hit the pedals, follow the compass. That is my day time job.
  4. On the road I stop for coffee, lunch, toilet, lakes for a swim and a midsummerdaynap.
  5. Around four I start looking for accommodation. Most of the time that is easy. Sometimes I have to cycle a few more hours to find a bed for the night.
There is plenty of time for deep contemplation. Yet the life of a wanderer is more basic: To quote Mr. Spock:

It is life Jim,
but not as we know it.

Accommodation along Sverigeleden, Hagfors - Karlstad - Göteborg

route when where who what appreciation
A. 5 - 18 July Stjärnsfors Stjärnsfors Herrgård holiday homes, own kitchen, office
B. 18 - 19 July Forshaga Kvarntorps Herrgård room, good breakfast
C. 19 - 20 July Borgvik Kungskvarnen room with shower, good breakfast
D. 20 - 21 July Åmål Camping Önabs Stuga
E. 21 - 22 July Dals Rostock Youth hostel Kroppefjall room, good breakfast
F. 22 - 23 July Lila Edet Edet Vådshus & Hotell room with shower, good breakfast
G. 23 - 24 July Lerum Ibis hotel room with shower, good breakfast
H. 24 July Göteborg

Till next nut,