Ceduna, 1 April 2009


I have reached my final destination faster than expected. Suddenly I am in Ceduna. That speed was because of a flat tyre.

There is no more distance to travel. Suddenly there is an abundance of time.


Shelly Beach Caravan Park
Ceduna, South Australia

Now that is all good, but that does not get the tyre fixed.

Ceduna Sport Power sell great thorn proof tubes. They come in Australian sizes. Yet they fit the Dutch Flevobike wheel amazingly well.

Hurray, the Flevobike is back on the road again.

The Ceduna Sport Power sheila has a look at the punctured tube.

Beyond repair?

Tsk, no probs.

Listen mate, what you need is a bit of serious shoe glue. Now you just give me that tube and patch.

Ceduna Sports Power

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She sandwiches the patch between two thick layers of shoe glue. Just let it dry for a day in the Aussie sun. It will serve you fine as a spare tube.
Immediately my thoughts go back to the famous black smith from Mount Pleasant.

Beyond repair?

You have not met the Ozzies yet.

Till next nut,