Ceduna, 30 March 2009

Sea Wheel

The back tyre of my push bike is flat.

Damn, and it is in Baird Bay too, a remote place.
View larger map of Baird Bay

The closest bicycle shop is in Ceduna, 150 km north.

Baird Bay is a township without a shop.
The nearest bitumen road takes a 25 km walk.
There is no shop at all here.
Baird Bay does not even have a pub.
Now to Australians, a town without a pub is beyond the end of civilization.

These remote places are the reason why my Flevobike is equipped with puncture proof tyres.

The tyres are running towards the end of their mileage. Yet, the flat tyre is still an unpleasant surprise.

Mister Scager recommended to me packing a tube repair kit.

Well yes, I followed his advice. And I am glad I did.

So the puncture does not last long. Get the tube back in, pump, and it's all done.

The tyres quickly goes flat again. The tube has a new hole.

Rubber and iron separated at the valve. Damn, that is serious. Now that is almost beyond repair.

So, a new invention: a patch with the valve right through the center.. It is to no avail. The tyre is flat again the next morning.

I run out of options for another fix. I did not bring a spare tyre. I have reached the end of my creativity as far as rubber is concerned.

Aboriginal wisdom:
Take care of the land.
And the land will take care of you.

I enjoy Australia, love this country. What could Australia do to help me in Baird Bay?

Sea Weed!

The beach is covered with dried sea weed, endles rows till the horizon.

That inner tube is out!

Stuff the tyre with dried sea weed. And... ready to ride!

Now, sea weed does ride a bit wobbly and heavy. Sea weed was not meant to roll on dirt roads. Yet, it works fine. Go, go, go, off to my final destination of Ceduna, so far away.
Calca, a gas station to top up your tyres with dry leaves

Just beyond Calco I need to refill the tyre.

There is no sea weed there. But Australia does offer me plenty of dry leaves.

The full tyre is very hard to get back on the wheel now.

A few miles down the dirt road... The combination of see weed and leaves has turned to pulp.

It is only some parts of the tyre that are now full. Other parts are empty. The sea wheel is now a wobbly wheel.

My hands are trained for computer work. Another attempt to refill the tyre will exceed their strength. I am in for a long and wobbly ride.

Ceduna is further away then ever.

Roaming Paws

Leela and Ted
travelling Australia

woof, woof!

And again, Australia offers a helping hand.

The film crew of the Roaming Paws Dogumentary is on this dirt road too.

My long journey on the bush bike suddenly comes to a halt.

The Flevobike takes a break, at the back of a van.

Ceduna gets closer fast. It becomes here and now.

Till next nut,