Burra, 19 February 2010


Do some quick groceries in Clare, then cycle towards Burra.
I can not get off my bike. My shorts are stuck to the seat.
I can not dismount.
I can not unhook the shorts either.
And I can not sit down for ever.
So, dismount anyway.
Torn shorts will have to be.
I hear how the shorts tear all the way.
I can not avoid reality.
So I am off shopping.
At night, out of town I look at the damage.
It is big, top to bottom.
Next day I buy a small blue towel.
I patch the shorts with it.
The result is a true work of art.
You really have to know where to look to see the former hole.
It takes time to discover a bit of the blue terrytowling.

I can walk the streets in Burra as the best dressed man in town.

Till next nut,