Bundaleer Intake Channel, 25 February 2010


The Spalding Golf Club has its annual meeting.
The club is doing very well.
Many members showed up.

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The member are very enthusiastic.
The meeting is located outdoors, at the local hotel.
The weather is thirsty, dry, dry, dry.
So every now and then, a member will head to the bar for a cool, bubbling refreshment.
As the meeting progresses the mood goes up.
It is the right time to discuss a major problem.
The club house serves warm beer.
Now, this can not be.
The club must invest and buy a large fridge.
The thought of cold beer makes all members even more enthusiastic.
So everybody approves the proposal.
Now the debate about the new fridge lasts for another hour or so.
All member get a fair go to voice their opinion.
And some opinions are even new.
The decision has long been taken.
But who cares?
You can't allow some members to speak and tell others to shut up, can you?
The general mood reaches new heights.
The meeting disintegrades into many decentral talks.
Is the meeting still on?, I ask the secretary who takes notes.
The answer is both happy and informative.
I don't know mate, cause everybody is pissed!
Have a meeting and drink at the same time, now that is Australian efficiency!

Till next nut,

Ta Digger in Burra for teaching me Australian culture.