Laura, 27 February - Quorn, 6 March 2010


2. The sun wakes me.
3. Breakfast is simple: bread, cheese, salted peanuts, water. 4. I roll up my swag and cycle in the cool hours of morning.
1. My swag heads east. 5. That is fine for a couple of hours, till it gets too hot.
16. Tomorrow the sun will wake me again. 6. I head for some shade, for lunch and a serious snooze.
15. Time goes round. 7. The end of the afternoon is cool enough to continue cycling.
14. The milky way turns slowly at night, like a giant clock.
8. No need to search accommodation.
13. The first stars appear.
9. Sleep anywhere.
12. Feet towards sunset.
11. When the sun sets I roll out my swag.
10. Australia is my home.

Till next nut,

In Aboriginal culture time goes round.