Leisingham, 12¾ maart 2010

Kitchen horse

What is happening in the kitchen?

It looks like fun in there.
Lots of cool things happen.

And... it smells like food and water!

Now, the boss tells me I can not go in.
But, when the boss is not looking, I silently crawl into the kitchen!

Bugger, he knows where I am going.

Even though I was really, really quiet.

So, I have to go out. While the cat can stay inside and have fun.

Now, that is not fair mate!

Well. It is only me who learns difficult tricks, like walking circles counter clock wise.

No way the cat will ever get that! OK boss, fair go!

Till next nut,

Starring: Prince as horse.
Co-star: Jeff the Digger as boss
Foto shoot location: Burra, South Australia