31 May 2010


Home is where the journey ends, in the Netherlands.

Flying home was to fast for me.

For weeks my mind has trouble to go where my body went.

It takes time to get used to home. I miss the Australian space, the wide views, de tranquility, de silence, the rhythm of the sun, the freedom to sleep anywhere, wake up with curious kangaroos watching me.

Travel through nature and see how everything goes round in a big closed cycle, water, oxygen, food.

While traveling through nature money is irrelevant.

Kangaroos do not pay.

It is just cities where money counts.

I did have to venture into a city every now and then, swapping money for food and water.

To me, money is a appreciation point system.

My payments for food and water are forwarded appreciation for the shift roster design workshop and SUMit shift roster software.

Money and appreciation move around in the same cycle.

Closed cycles do not grow.

That's why they last long.

Detach money from appreciation and break the cycle.

Debts create money that is not related to appreciation.

Without appreciation money looses value.

Malu barnda maga.

Kangaroos do not borrow.

Their closed cycle does work.

The outback bush maintains value better than the euro.

Till next nut,