generator, artificial intelligence plans for you


  • let the computer do the planning for you
  • computer weighs complex, contradicting criteria


  1. safety
  2. maximum quality
  3. minimal cost

who does what?

  1. planner plans exceptions
  2. computer plans bulk, proposes planning
  3. planner decides


  • your weighed criteria
  • interface with your systems
  • human efficiënt user interface

customer testimonials

assign tasks

  • ruud roelofs, sca gennep
  • sumit's generator assigns phones to our safety staff
  • our security chief now has time for other tasks

workload peaks

  • piet aarsen, supervisor CRS Schiphol
  • refuelling aircraft has high workload peaks
  • generating well staffed shift cycles is now a breeze

route planning


three steps to a generator

1. analysis

  • what makes your planning complex?
  • your criteria, definition of optimal planning?
  • receive a tailored quotation

2. design

  • comment a paper prototype
  • interface between your computer systems and the generator

3. development

  • see development progress of our generator on line
  • test the sofware on line

example of investment

up front

analysis ½d €552
design 3d €3312
total up front  €3864

per month

  • 3 weeks software development
  • & webhosting
  • total € 268
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