Logistic Planning

A simple example shows the complexity of logistic planning. Which tour-conductor goes to which destination?

A planning problem for 5 tour-conductors The matrix shows five tour-conductors and five destinations. The higher the score, the better that tour-conductor for that destination. A '9' means a real specialist.

This simple problem has 120 (=5x4x3x2x1) different solutions. Only one possibility is the optimum, with a total score of thirty five.

The number of possibilities grows exponentially for a slightly bigger problem. There are 479.001.600 possible combinations for twelve tour-conductors. Finding the optimum solution is truely like looking for a needle in a haystack. You'll find the optimum solution within a second if you use SUMit's advanced software.

This type of Resource Planning usually seeks minimal costs, maximum revenue or highest quality. Applications are: Creating duty rosters, allocation of personnel, meeting rooms, operating rooms, and hotel rooms. Other examples are assigning equipment and machines, scheduling vehicles, etceteras. SUMit develops advanced software for this type of problems. Contact SUMit for a demonstration.