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Top 10 mistakes of Web Design Top 10 mistakes of Web Design
What makes a site pleasant to use? What's the effect of animations? What is an acceptable down load time? What to do with frames? How do users cope with long, scrolling pages? In 1996 Jakob Nielsen described the top ten of common made web design errors. After several years 9 out of 10 mistakes still hold (.../990502.html).
Top 10 mistakes of Web Management Top 10 mistakes of Web Management
Why should a site exist? Who is the target audience of a website? Is your organisational chart interesting for the rest of the world? How important is maintenance? How does a website suits other promotional material? Which are the top ten web management errors?
Clue Train Cluetrain
The Cluetrain Manifesto "Business as usual is over". The web changes the way you do business. Your customers know more about you and your products than you do yourself. Walls between companies and information monopolies no longer exist. 95 thesis might shock you all the way to the new cyber world.
GrafX design GrafX-design, Paint Shop Pro Tutorial
A online tutorial with lots of Paint Shop Pro tips. For example: how to create a watermark?
Clipart Clipart
This site offers a large collection of various high quality pictures.
GIF Wizard GIF Wizard
The GIF wizard makes an online analysis of the GIF's on your website. You get a list with bloated GIF's that slow down your site unnecessarily.
Spam crawlers Email crawlers
A list of web crawlers scanning websites for email id's to send spam, with anti spam measures.
Bobby Bobby
Bobby is a web-based tool that analyses web pages for accessibility to people with disabilities. Bobby aims to expand opportunities for people with disabilities.
Web Page Design for Designers Web Page Design for Designers.
A site with numerous advices on web site design, independant of used technology.
Alexa Alexa
How popular is a website compared to other sites?
Home Page Usability Home Page Usability Home Page Usability
Jakob Nielsen and Marie Tahir provide over a hundred guidlines for creating a good home page. These tips on pages 10-34 are the most valuable part of the book. These pages justify the high price.

The other 290 pages, mostly filled with comments on home pages of wellknown companies, are far from interesting.

Designing Web Usability Designing Web Usability Designing Web Usability
Jakob Nielsen's view on Web Design is: Simplicity Rules.

His practical advises and examples are a must have for every professional web designer who wants to develop a well designed, successful website.

Hypertext Preprocessor PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor
PHP is a programming language, good for creating E-Commerce sites. It is and free, open source language. The combination of PHP and a MYSQL database is very popular for building dynamic, database driven websites. PHP is very popular on Linux webservers but for other platforms there are other versions available too.

Some other useful PHP websites:

a online tutorial for quickly learning PHP.
Date time functions
a popular PHP tool for controlling a MySQL database.
for the latest PHP news.
PHP is suitable for complex projects as it fully supports OO programming.
HTML specification HTML specification
A course if you want to understand all HTML codes.
Seomoz.org: Option groups, topic boxes
Cascading Style Sheets Cascading Style Sheet Tutorial
Use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for a central layout specification of your website. A CSS has more possibilities than HTML too. With this online tutorial you'll soon master the CSS possibilities.

More CSS: