System Analysis Links

OO Analysis and Design methods Analysis and Design methods
A good overview of several methodologies and techniques. The site has an extensive list of Object Oriented methodologies. It offers quite a nice list of schema techniques too.
TNF Third Normal Form
Codd's normalisation rules are holy when designing a relational database. Spread the word: "The key, the whole key, and nothing but the key, so help me Codd".

The normalisation rules are an excellent starting point for an Object Oriented Analysis.

Entity Relationship Diagram Entity Relationship Diagram
An Entity Relationship Diagram describes the data structure of the relevant part of reality. Several drawing techniques are common. One comes from the Business Area Analysis (BAA) of the Information Engineering Methodology (IE).
SUN's Java Extreme Programming
An introduction and overview of a lean-and-mean way of software development. OO languages like Smalltalk and Java are very suitable for this approach.

See also for a number of articles on XP.

Special thanks to Antoinette Coetzee for these links.

UML Distilled UML Distilled
( UML Distilled, by Martin Fowler
Martin Fowler list in this concise book an exellent overview of the UML diagrams. It is a perfect look-up-book for experienced OO analysts that wish to quickly find UML diagram conventions.
OOA, Object Oriented Analysis OOA, Object Oriented Analysis
OOA by Coad & Yourdon The Coad Yourdon way of OOA (Object Oriented Analysis) (...utwente...) is the standard for many. Their book describes ways to discern classes and objects. It offers guidelines for designing attributes and methods in object classes.
RAD Rapid Application Development
Rapid Application Development SUMit uses RAD, Rapid Application Development. Users are highly involved during the design. Users and automation expert jointly work towards an optimal product. The quality of the system is higher.
Report How to write a report
How to write a report with critisism without getting lynched by the customer? Tog gives the answer: always start with somthing positive.
Analysis manpower Analysis manpower
Looking for a Systems Analyst with experience with Object Oriented methodologies? SUMit supplies high quality manpower on a contract basis.