Monday, 9 September 2002
Last week's Nut's Weekly described an elegant improvement of the Quicksort algorithm. Nice, this splitting into
  • less than or equal
  • and greater than or equal.
But does it really work? This week a java demo of the elegant SUMit Quicksort, with the free java source code.
  1. Enter a string of characters.
  2. See the sorted version.
  3. Study the steps of the sorting algorithm.
Quicksort Demo, Java Applet

This Quicksort demo needs a Java plug-in.
This browser does not have an active Java plug-in.

Advice: Download the free Java plug-in from:

Java source code

sum-it.nl/QuickSort.java the source code of the quicksort above that splits series into
  • less than-equal
  • and greater than-equal.
java.sun.com...QSortAlgorithm.java Sun's version, that splits series into
  • less than-equal
  • and greater than-equal
Till next week,