Monday, 4 November 2002

Is the computer able to do that?

  • Won't our rules be too complex?
  • Will the computer be able to cope with hour quantity of rules?
  • Will the number of variables not be too much?
  • Is a computer really able to create rosters as good as a human planner?
I still love those doubts of customers for Rule Based Roster Software. Last week, during a demo here in the Netherlands, these doubts arose once again.

The person who had these doubts knows enough about computers to know their limits. The doubts are entirely valid for somebody used to conventional systems, with hardcoded rules. Roster generator

First they can't believe their eyes when they see the computer generating a roster. Only when they see how easily the computer plans around the leave requests they have just entered do they get real enthusiastic.

The demo of rule based roster software convinces most of them. Typically IT staff are curious for the underlying artificial intelligence techniques.

Time & Budget

As soon as technology is not a problem anymore, the next limits emerge:
How long will it take to develop the system?
How much will it cost? Will it fit the budget?
These limits evaporate when the quotation is on the table. A customer will notice that


The only real limit remaining is creativity.

What do we want?

And even that is not a really limiting factor. There is plenty of creativity available in this software house.

IT projects should be a pleasure. Let more of those parties begin!

Till next week,