Monday, 21 June 1999
This weekend has begun. Saturday commences but I struggle to start up. It is like my blood is too thick to flow easily though my veins. I usually start the weekend with an easy going breakfast and a mug of strong coffee. The breakfast is fine, but the coffee is finished. Go shopping now? No thanks, the Saturday shopping jam does not appeal to me.

A fierce headache emerges in the course of the morning. It wasn't the best of days yet, and now this. Slowly I start to realise that the slow start and the headache are related: lack of caffeine. During weekdays I often literally take a distance from paper prototypes, keyboard, screen and Smalltalk. I'll walk around, go for some coffee or make a sanitary stop. Those walk arounds help me to organise my thoughts with a bit of background processing.

One of the numerous cups of coffee As a result I consume enormous quantities of coffee on weekdays. This is not an ordinary headache, these are sheer withdrawal symptoms. Addicted, that's what I am, to hot water that oozed through grained burned beans, (The HHGTTG,, sugar free to make things worse. This Saturday is an unmitigated Cold Turkey experience!

Fortunately the dealer is within walking distance. I can get rid of my withdrawal symptoms within a quarter of an hour. The thought alone makes my blood run faster. Long live the liberal policy that tolerates caffeine addicts!

Till next week!