Monday, 26 March 2001
Will this bus head first for the swimming pool? a lady voice asks in front of me. The man next to her does not know. And No, neither do I.

City bus 1 ( makes a round trip through the suburbs of Gouda, either clockwise or counterclockwise. It's a surprise to me every time.

  • The one going clockwise has number 1, and departs from the second platform.
  • The one going counterclockwise also has number 1, and also departs from the second platform.
The bus has just departed and will soon turn left or right. The lady is impatient and wants to go and bother the driver.
I couldn't care less, I add with a low voice. Anyway, it's faster than walking. The lady remarks
You look at things from the positive side, and things go back to normal.

What the hack does this chick wants with this data? I start wondering. Counterclockwise is just a few minutes faster than the other way. So, whichever bus comes first is always the best choice, irrespective of it's direction. This reminds me of an old IT law

Data is only information if it can impact a decision. (

In other words:
If data can not impact a decision
it's non-information, not worth knowing.

O no, it turns right! the chick poks the a minute later. My comments were made in vain. Her panic gets even more incomprehensible when she disembarks, close to the centre of the round trip, even before the swimming pool. Chicken, pok, pok, pok, where is your head?

Women chitchat, not to get to know something useful, but to:

  • make noise, keep a conversation going.
  • get confirmation within a group.
  • satisfy their curiosity.
Women, sigh, it's so much easier to run a hen house.

Till next week,

With special thanks to Mr. Michiel Scager for his information on female communication style.