Monday, 5 June 2000
I've got a date with seven ladies, in a corner of the Lucky Star Restaurant in Rotterdam (www.goudengids.nl/...).
At the table
fltr: Gabriëlla, Esther, Yvonne, George, Georgette, Stefanie, Ester, Henk Jan.

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That is less exiting than it may sound. All of these ladies are related, not just to each other, but to me as well.

It's a 'cousins night'. An old family phote shows grandma with all her granddoughters and one little boy. That one little boy is me. The other male cousins weren't around yet. Tonight, the lady cousins again are a large majority. I detect just one male cousin in this company. I am the other one. He and I form the male twosome for tonight, the smallest possible plural.

The ladies are happily chatting away. How little has changed over the years. It's amazing how ladies can continue chatting, even if they agree already. Women don't talk to reach agreement. They chat to confirm their agreement. Pok, pok, pok, what a hennhouse it is.

The ladies happily chat and chat. In despair I state some contraversial points of view. Unfortunately, this lady collective knows me quite well. I won't be able to stirr things up here.

The agreement is deeper than just the chitchat. The hairdo of the ladies is strikingly similar too. This can't be agreed upon. Most cousins haven't seen each other for years. Nor is it a result of fashion. The table next to us is full of girls celebrating a bachelors eve. Those girls look far less alike.
In front of the Lucky Star
fltr: Gabriëlla, Esther, Yvonne, Stefanie, Georgette, Ester, George, Gabriëlla, Henk Jan

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So, me, myself and I silently conclude this must be a case of inheritance. Even more complex: multiple inheritance, from different grandparents. I just give up trying to analyse this into a model. My mind is not really set for OO. I'm more interested in some spareribs, chiken and a pleasant red wine. Food arrives. The spareribs are quite popular. Hmm, inheritance must have struck me too.

Some ladies ordered corn. Two sisters happily share a salad. The hennhouse is quiet for a moment.

Till next week!

With thanks to my cousins Esther & Ester for organising this wonderful evening.