Queensday, 30 April 2001
A new assignment, in a familiar environment: For a few weeks I'm back to scribbling a bit of Smalltalk. Very pleasant indeed, such a pure OO language, Old love doesn't rust.

My office at the customer site is a bit strange. One side of the office is a glass wall. The coffee machine, the social hot spot of the department, is on the other side of the wall. The coffee drinkers look straight into my office. It's like they are viewing monkeys at Rotterdam zoo (

Trust the people from Rotterdam to quickly come up with nicknames for such an office:

  • The fishbowl
  • The aquarium
  • The cage
And the inevitable sign appears as well:
Henkus Giganticus
Habitat offices, tropical rain forest, restaurants
Domicile Netherlands Malaysia Australia
Eating habits Asian food, French, mashed potatoes
Please don't feed!
Of course this is big fun for all coffee drinkers. Yes, Smalltalkers are a rare species, but this is the first time that this big fellow is on public display like an odd attraction.

Eventually everything settles down again. I'm in my cage, quietly minding my own business, having fun debugging my XML parser code, when I hear several objects smash into the wall. Huh? Not the kind of crashes I was expecting! The flying objects are instances of the class Peanut. I recognise them but am not familiar with the methods. Who is the sender? I turn around and see the smiling faces of M&M (Mike & Martin) at the door.

The signs says: Don't feed! I shout in despair, but to no avail. Again several nuts are heading towards my head. Hey Nut, don't eat them! the awesome twosome replies with a big smile. They are old, still from last years Christmas packets!

Sigh, life as a Henkus Giganticus is tough. Don't people have any respect for one of the few surviving specimens of an endangered specie?

Till next week,

Verseput & Holster for all your teasers and graphical design.