Katherine, Thursday 2nd March 2006


Australia is sparsely populated and most Australians live on the east coast. So the rest of the country is even more empty.

The Northern Territory used to be a just a piece of land that nobody wanted. It was to rough for Westerners to live in.

For 60.000 years the Aboriginals were the only humans around which resulted into several advantages:

Ben Thompson

Computer repair Katherine

NT Technology

Shop 1/54 Katherine Terrace
Katherine NT0851
  1. Stuart Highway renames to Katherine Terrace while in Katherine.
  2. Driving south to north, NT-Technology is on the left hand side of the road.
  3. Park between traffic lights and the river.
  4. NT-Technology is adjacent to Subway, a good place for lunch.
The Territorians are very proud of their Territory. They refuse to turn it into a state, just like the other parts of Australia. Australia has plenty of states already, that's how folks here think about it. As states come with ridiculous rules, such as speed limits. Now, who wants a speed limit when driving from Alice to Darwin? Distances here are measured in hours and those distances are relative, depending on your vehicle and the length of your breaks.

The territory does have a couple of cities, but these cities are small in European eyes:

  1. Darwin is OK for spending a day or two. It is the biggest town of the Territory with a town centre that spans 6 streets.
  2. Alice Springs is town number two.
  3. Katherine is the third one. The town centre here is one street, which is the highway.
I enjoy tropical Katherine. Yes, it is hot and humid around here. But it is a fine place to hang around if you just take it easy, drink plenty of water, stay in the shade and keep your physical activities down to a bare minimum. It seems like this is the place where the expression Sit back and relax was invented. That suits me well for the moment as my computer broke down.

The centre of Katherine does have several computer stores. NT Technology is the Dell specialist. They know laptops inside out, it is getting spare parts that just takes time, sweet time. Parts are ordered from Kuala Lumpur. Now that seems far away, but Kuala Lumpur is closer than Sydney.

A few days after my tour through the national parks of Litchfield, Nitmiluk and Kakadu, I receive a phone call: the new motherboard has arrived. Within a day my laptop is fixed. Many thanks to computer repair specialist Ben Thompson and his colleagues from NT Technology.

SUMit development is back in business developing tailor made software. Ta mate, g'd on ye! The Territory and the Territorians are tops for me.

Till next nut,