Predict the Amsterdam Stock Exchange

(A fresh diagram every Monday)
datum waarde delta


Snake Diagram The graph shows patterns in stock values using a snake diagram.
  • Stock values are vertical, in the given example the value of the Amsterdam Stock Exchange index.
  • Horizontally you see the weekly differences.
  • The arrows show the direction of time. Each arrow is one week.
This unique graphical combination visualises patterns that remain hidden for other people.

Replace the Amsterdam Stock Exchange values with relevant data from your own stocks using the entry fields at the right hand side. The snake automatically shows a new pattern.

In this way you can try to discover repetitions and regularities in stock values, such as 'heads' and 'shoulders' ( The snake diagram is a tool for those that wish to purchase/sell stocks at the right time.

Where will the snake crawl to next week? Try to understand the 'Snake way' and make a prediction. Enter your forecast at 'Guess' for the closing value of next Friday. When the stock market closes Friday afternoon, you'll know whether your prediction came true.