Fraser's Hill

Looking for a cool place in Malaysia? Try Fraser's Hill, just sixty km north of Kuala Lumpur. It's the small version of the Cameron Highlands.

Things to do

WWF info centre Fraser's Hill is famous among nature lovers for birds, butterflies and the 'cool' rain forest. Go and visit Mr. K. Durai, "the Birdman" at the WWF information center (.../rainforest/...) at the back of the musk. He'll tell you everthing you will ever need to know. The WWF centre has a small exhibition on nature, provides slide shows and leaflets.
The golf course is the centre of Bukit Fraser. Clubs are for rent for novice players. Experts are welcome to bring their own.
Walk up the hill from the town center and turn left twice. You will find a small lake with pedal boats. Take a walk along the shore. At end of the path you may encounter some wild monkeys.
Two short trails start/end near the musk. One starts with a steep climb from the roadside and leads to the lake. The other one starts at the back of the WWF office and runs parallel to the Golf course.
The other trails are longer. The one that leads to the former 'Corona Flower Nursery' starts easy, but gets quite challenging after a few kilometers. It's quite slippery in the wet season, a leeches heaven.

Places to Stay

The GAP rest House is a nice, old English style Rest house at the gate, 8 km below the top. It is a very quiet place, not much to do except relaxing. The spacious garden provides a good view to the surrounding hills. All rooms are equally spacious, with two double beds, for a very reasonable RM40 per night. Locals love this place. It serves excellent Chinese food, and is a nice place to hang around while waiting for the gate to open. Many Chinese drop in for a good lunch, on their way to or from the top.
Address: Rumah Rehat GAP, 49000 Bukit Fraser, Hulu Selangor, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Phone +60-9-362 2227

The top of Bukit Fraser has plenty of hotels and bungalows. The information office below the Puncak Inn provides reservation service, but only for the ones that are run by the governement. You'll find a wide variety of privately run accommodation too.

Eat & Drink

This is the best place in town with excellent food in a nice, friendly atmosphere. The menu changes from day to day. My personal favourite is a mee soup at the terrace, perfect for a lazy lunch. Enjoy the sun and watch the busy crowd go by.
Inside you find a pub type of restaurant. It is a good place to hang around, read the newspapers and have a beer or two. The staff is great and very helpfull. Large groops as well as individuals will have an enjoyable time here.
Jalang Genting, 49000 Bukit Fraser, Phang Darul Makmur, Phone +60-9-362 2510
Hill View Restaurant
A cafetaria type of Chinese Restaurant. It serves excellent Chinese dishes. The sweet and sour pork (Ku Lo Yuk) and Mee Soup are two of my personal favourites.
Malay food
Roti Canai is my favourite breakfast. Go for it below the Puncak Inn, next to the grocery shop.

There is more Malay food in the corner. Another place for a good Mee Soup, the Malay version.

Nut, Henk Jan Nootenboom, 28dec1998