Fraser's Hill

It's still dark outside. My biorithm is upset. I'm suffering from a cold start today. Palm trees in morning fog It has been clouded all morning. Fraser's Hill (.../RainForest/...) is hiding in the fog. It is misty between the hills. Clouds are low. Steaming veils pass by.

Suddenly there is electricity. The generator downstairs hums. Light start shining. It's funny that electricity is completely unimportant here. Life in the highlands just continues, with or without electricity. In modern Kuala Lumpur I enjoyed a total blackout in 1996. That was almost a national disaster.

The fog moves. The tropical sun is stronger than the mist. My battery recharges.

Will the millennium give problems, here at the bottom of Fraser's Hill? I don't think so. Electrical equipment is rare here in the GAP Resthouse. The sun is my alarm clock. Radio & TV are absent. Heating is redundant. My mobile phone is in Holland. There is not much that can go wrong.

My watch is the most advanced piece of machinery here. This thing is a bit confused sometimes about the date, even several times per year. 31 June does not exist. Is that a problem? Not for me it is. Five times per year I reset the date. At 1 January 2000 that will not even be necessary.

Another twelve months to go. Will modern society come to a squeaking halt? I don't think so. '99 did not give much of a problem. Taxi meters in Singapore were a few hours offline. Not too bad if that turn out to be the biggest problems. Should things get out of hand in '00, you know where to find me. Somewhere on a hill, admiring the steaming mist.

On to the millennium and till next week!
Nut, 11jan1999