Monday, 14 February 2000
My weekly stroll around the market is over. My backpack contains the heavier goods. I carry a plastic bag with some big sweet oranges (.../ASL_Dictionary_Project/...) and a huge saturday newspaper. The bus is quite busy. I find a seat somewhere in the back I install myself with my merchandise, take a fresh dropje (.../dutchdrop_en.html) and open a magazine.

During the bus ride home I'm so engrossed in my magazine that I ignore a sharp bend. Gravity and centrifugal acceleration conspire. A part of my purchases, being the Saturday newspaper and a five some gig oranges, roll into the isle. The paper just lays down, but the majority of the oranges take their change and spread out through the bus.

I don't bother about a orange or two. So, I focus my attention to the twosome within reach. Or should I really crawl though the bus along all ankles, searching for my purchases. No, this big body isn't built for that kind of physical effort. My fellow passengers look quite disappointed when I just relax and remain seated.

I don't get away with it this easily. A major event such as this won't pass unnoticed in the village of Gouda. Immediately the whole bus starts to interfere. One orange travels from front to back, from hand tot hand, leaving a trail of joy. Another one arrives from my backside.

The fifth remains lost, but not for long. The passengers are eager to do some research and loudly announce their results: It's with the lady with the brown fur coat! O dear, she puts it in her bag!!!

The bus holds its breath. What will that big gentleman with the yellow coat do now? Will he go can claim his rightful belonging? Will there be a small fight? It a shame for my fellow passengers, but I couldn't care less about the orange.

The lady with the fur coat blushes with shame. She exits the bus at the very next stop, despised by the whole bus community. How sweet revenge can be.

Till next week!

Small news: Dennis Rolfes born on Wednesday 9 February 2000. Congratulations to Laurella, Rob and Rianne.