Starting Point

Monday, 18 June 2001
I committed myself to be porter for a move job. The chaos is not mine, which makes it a lot easier to bear. A move is a disaster. The more stuff you have, the bigger the catastrophe. If only one could move as easily as the wanderer!

Moving is tough because:

  • Order turns into utter chaos.
  • Cupboards disappear. Whereas they normally help to contain the chaos, instead they now add to it. They morph into a pile of boards and screws.
The truck is ready. First we go and drop off the bed as I won't need it anymore says the owner. So the bed should be the last thing in, as it needs to be the first thing out. Yes, yes, what a nice starting point.

Starting points are good for a start.

And that is the extent of their application.
  • Starting points are good to start with, at a figurative entrance.
  • But, have you ever ended up with a starting point at the exit?
  • So: A starting point is most useful at the point of entry.
What was the bed, is now a pile of boards and a wire matress. Somewhere. Heaven only knows where the legs have gone to. And a bag with matching screws has wandered off to an unknown location. Did I just hear someone say that to wander makes moving easier? What an idiot!

The wire mattress is still easy to recognise. It is the last piece to enter the cargo bay, near the exit, or entrance, suit yourself. The planks have however reunited with some of their cousins, in the front of the truck. Naturally. And I lost sight of the bag of screws. Most likely it travelled by a different car.

At the destination a few boards that look vaguely bed-like are left over. They'll return to point of origin, or continue to the end of the journey, suit yourself. The circle is round. This starting point makes it to the end, even though I did not anticipate that in the beginning.

Till next week,

Suzanne & Pauline, all the best unloading.