Monday, 25 June 2001
How do world citizens marry? I know the typical Dutch wedding, but what will the wedding of Rob & Annet be like? This awesome twosome has seen too much of the world. I've met them everywhere: Sri Lanka, Nepal, Vietnam, Australia and last winter in Kluang, Malaysia.

The Netherlands are just a pitstop for them. The wedding card was from Singapore, typical Chinese with golden print. These are symbols of wealth and prosperity. And this week they are in beautiful Sydney working on a new contract.

Anyway, I do have trouble imagining this twosome as a Dutch wedding couple. Rob in a dark suit? Annet in a white wedding gown? While waiting for the couple I have my first beer.

And the wedding couple does not disappoint me:

    Rob and Annet, just married
  • Annet is like an exotic princess, asif she just came from India. In a wonderful dark red sari, with a band of flowers and a naked navel. Hmm, what a sexy bride. I'll be at the very end of the queue with all the time in the world to kiss the bride.
  • Rob's suit is dark, even black. But one thing is for sure: it is not a Dutch outfit. It is a wonderful suit, with extensive handmade embroidery, in a modern Indian style.
It's a special couple it is.

The double 'yes' word falls. These two are now a married couple. What a difference a wedding document makes.

In the afternoon a fine boat trip below the city of Den Bosch. I never knew that the folk here built houses on top of the canals.

The rest of the day is relaxed as well, without the typical Dutch obligatoires. No long reception, no dance party, no nagging with family made acts. No, this wedding starts, continues and ends with a beer. And that is the way that suits me. (Better not share this with my girlfriend, I'll end up next to a purple wedding gown before I know it)

Rob & Annet, cheers mates, CU down under.

Till next week,