12 October 2010

Dream team

Henk Jan, I want to let things go.
Our employees are top.
But their ideas don't make it beyond coffee corner.
What we need here is decentralised decision power.
And the sooner the better, as I'll soon enjoy a sabbatical.
I'll be off to China for a few months of cycling.
Henk Jan, how about you joining forces with the employees to design a new shift roster?
I look at manager Dirk Kuijt.
Mate, this sounds like a perfect fit for Dragon Dreaming.
And a speed up, lighter version.
John Croft's Dragon Dreaming method is way too long and winding for me.
A methodology is complete, when you can not take anything out.
Long time ago JP Wegkamp (Royal Dutch Airlines, CARGOAL) taught me that a good method can be applied on itself.
So, I create Dragon Dreaming karabirrdts.
  1. a dream karabirrdt
  2. a plan karabirrdt
  3. a do karabirrdt
  4. a celebrate karabirrdt
Mentor Medical Systems gets a world's first in Dragon Dreaming Light.


Team leader Corina van Duuren assembles a dream team.
  • Bulent Akgul
  • Desi Meijers
  • Ismaël Mallick
  • Mattheus van der Laan
  • Michel de la Rie
  • Serkan Kablan
  • The dream team starts a dreaming circle.
    Soon Corina returns with the focus, a few dreams on sticky pads.
    It is all we need.
    Less won't do.
    It is just right.


    The planning phase is next.
    During the preparations I enjoy creating the karabirrdt for the planning phase.
    It is a karabirrdt karabirrdt,
    ha ha.
    The Mentor dream team amazes me yet again.
    The dream team immediately understands the karabirrdt karabirrdt.
    Within a day the team creates a shift roster karabirrdt, a solid plan to design a new shift roster.
    And... because a shift roster is a kind of plan itself, that karabirrdt is a plan to create a plan.
    From a distance I hear my former colleague JP Wegkamp enjoy this new recursion.
    And on top of it all the dream team produces a heap of actions for a future plan.
    Team lead Corina enjoys it all in amazement.
    Wow, this is truly a dream team!


    The do phase hits the ground running.
    The new shift roster is done, just after lunch break.
    Suddenly the new shift roster design decorates the wall.
    This is an outrageous success, just like John Croft predicts.
    A bunch of highbrows have been puzzling about this shift roster for months.
    And now it is done, just ready, finished!
    I say bye-bye to the dream team, for the moment that is.
    The dream team will show the new shift roster with co-workers at the workplace.


    To celebrate is a specialisation of to do.
    Fun: the celebrate karabirrdt is exactly the same as the do karabirrdt.
    The celebration will be soon.
    I am looking forward to it.
    One of Dirk Kuijt's famous statements is: Let it float.
    The dream team puts his words into practice.
    Part of the celebration will be a boat trip on the canals of Leiden.
    G'd on ya, Dirk. If you read this while cycling in China:
    Your staff obeys your words.
    Let the dream team float!

    Till next nut,