Monday, 15 February 1999
Motion is relative, according to the Nut from two weeks ago. I've had some doubts since.

A visit to Kever's complete waste of time (.../kever) has triggered a reconsideration. The previous version of his site showed two spheres circling. Circling spheres, like moon and earth Click the small red one for a quick peek :)

The red circles the blue like the moon circles the earth. Why doesn't the moon fall down? It's certainly heavy enough, isn't it?

"Centrifugal power" is what I hear you mumbling. Hm, that's exactly where my doubts start to emerge. Motionless spheres If motion really is relative, we could define the earth-moon couple as motionless. The rest of the universe moves around that in a complex pattern. That complexity doesn't really bother me. The universe can cope with it.

There is another setback though. No matter how hard the rest of the universe is working, without centrifugal power the moon will fall down. It's heavy enough, isn't it?

Don't panic. According to the latest news (lunaoutreach...) the moon is quite happy in it's orbit. It won't let go. Oofh, what a relief. As long as the moon rises and sets, I'll maintain: Motion is absolute.

Till next week!